Phantom Limb Syndrome San Ramon

While it may seem unreal, following amputation, most amputees report feeling the missing limb, often describing these feelings as incredibly painful. This condition is called “Phantom limb syndrome.” The pain usually feels like burning, twisting, or cramping. The exact cause of phantom limb syndrome is unknown, though the sensations are a result of the brain’s attempts to reorganize signals and rewire itself to adjust to the body’s changes.

Patient experiencing Phantom Limb Syndrome and in need of the neuropathy treatment protocol at SF Bay Peripheral Neuropathy in San Ramon

What Are The Symptoms of Phantom Limb Syndrome?

Phantom limb syndrome may cause other sensations, including:

  • Shooting, stabbing, piercing, or burning pain
  • Pressure and feeling of wearing clothing/jewelry
  • The limb still working normally
  • Numbness, tickling, or cramping

How Can Our physicians Help With Phantom Limb Syndrome?

Experts do not know why this phantom sensation happens, though many experts believe that the nerves that supply feeling to the missing part of your limb can still function. They just exist higher up in the remaining part of the limb. This function could be causing your brain to go haywire because it does not know how to interpret signals from these nerves. Phantom Limb Syndrome may occur from spinal injuries or peripheral nerve injuries, which may cause symptoms to arise if they are not addressed quickly.

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Book - Neuropathy Answered
Book - Neuropathy Answered

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