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From a constant, dull ache to a stabbing or shooting sensation, back pain can show up out of nowhere. It can be annoying, and other times it is unbearable and can lead to back surgery. Back pain hurts more than your body – it affects your daily activities or just your ability to sit at your desk to work comfortably. No one wants to or should have to deal with this discomfort.

Patient experiencing Failed Back Surgery Syndome and in need of the neuropathy treatment protocol at SF Bay Peripheral Neuropathy in San Ramon

What Can Cause Failed Back Surgery Syndome?

When it comes to back surgery, it can cause an entirely different type of pain. Failed Back Surgery Syndrome is a condition that patients suffer following spinal surgery for back or leg pain. As the name suggests, this condition tends to arise when surgery fails, and the patient is left dealing with the original pain.

This condition is not caused by unpredictable difficulties during surgery or when the surgery does not work. It refers to the continued pain that patients experience following surgery, even though the surgery was supposed to alleviate the pain. In many cases, chances of continued pain after surgery increase when the same area of the back receives multiple surgeries performed.

How Can Our physicians Help With Failed Back Surgery Syndome?

Assessing pain is one of the most challenging things to do for doctors because it’s dependant on communication. Establishing a dialogue about pain between the patient and doctor can be a little challenging based on the amount of information to obtain in a short amount of time. When it comes to this condition, the buildup of scar tissue around the spinal nerve roots and muscle spasms may be the most significant cause of the pain. The pain may continue after surgery and the scar tissue compresses a spinal nerve.

You do not have to let Failed Back Surgery Syndrome stop you from enjoying your life. At SF Bay Peripheral Neuropathy in San Ramon Area, offer our patients a wide variety of solutions to handle this type of pain. Our peripheral neuropathy treatment helps patients recover from the pain caused by nerve damage.

Once we do the initial examination, we create a custom treatment plan based on our finding to ensure you get the best results. We know that you have been struggling with healing from either a condition or an injury, and we are here to provide you find some relief from this painful condition. Give our office a call today at (925) 393-0100 to get started.

Book - Neuropathy Answered
Book - Neuropathy Answered

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